Flâneur at work

Walks by Stefano Carotenuto

  1. Info

    Welcome to my digital street corner. Here, I wander the urban landscape as a modern-day flâneur, my compact Olympus TG camera always at the ready. My work is deeply influenced by Roland Barthes’ “Camera Lucida” (La Chambre claire. Note sur la photographie, 1980), a book that’s more than just about photography.

    Barthes talks about Studium—that’s the part of a photo that catches your eye because of its cultural or intellectual content. It’s what makes you understand and appreciate the image. But for me, the real magic lies in the Punctum—those unexpected details that jump out at you and make you feel something special. It’s that little surprise in an ordinary scene that suddenly makes it personal and meaningful.

    I aim to capture those fleeting moments on the streets, the ones that are easy to overlook but can tell a whole story. It’s all about finding beauty in the everyday, the kind of raw, unfiltered moments that make street photography so fascinating.

    Take a look around my site. I hope my photos spark your curiosity and maybe even hit you with their own punctum. For more stories and projects, check out my personal website.

    Page updated on February 13, 2024.